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BZ Metalworks

Needed more modern tools to streamline sales.

P&W Foundry

Needed more leads to increase their customer base.

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U.S. Army

Needed manufacturers that specialized in making machined aluminum housings.

GTI Precision Components

Refocused on complex machining and needed jobs aligned to their growth.

Christini Technologies

Needed a platform that would allow them to understand price and quality comparisons.


Needed to find manufacturers capable of making parts fast at extreme quality standards.

Stratos Aircraft

Needed help sourcing parts, vetting suppliers, and managing data for an ambitious project.


Needed to find specialty manufacturers that could provider shorter lead times at low cost.


Was looking for a more economically feasable way to source custom parts.


Wanted to ease frustration with manual processes that produced too few engagements.

Elliott Zola

Turned to MFG to look for unique suppliers able to produce high-quality custom work.

Snake Bite Co.

Was seeking a manufacturer that would understand the importance of quality over quantity.

Reymech, LLC

Searching for a more time-efficient method to finding qualified manufacturers.

Cobra Technologies

Needed visibility into true market pricing and reduced lead times with a quality manufacturer.

Nearfield Systems

Had trouble finding expertise in their existing supplier base without subtantial cost increase.

Sterling Leisure Products

Needed a way to pre-qualify manufacturers who could provide timely quotes without delay.

American Technical Fabricators

Needed to acquire customers but didn't know where to start.

Amos Industries

Needed a way to generate consistent, high-quality leads to grow their business.

Baklund R&D

With the economic downturn in '08, needed to find consistent work on a national level.

Berk-Rauch Associates

Berk-Rauch Associates came to MFG to find on-going business relationships rather than fulfilling one-off orders.

Forcon Precision Products

Needed a new strategy after their top customers offshored their manufacturing.

Marshall Metal Products

Tasked with expanding the business, the manager needed  the perfect growth tool.

Ottinger Machine Company

Needed a strategy with the goal of establishing themselves as a trusted supplier to the DoD.

Pacifictech Molded Products Inc.

Expanded their manufacturing capabilities and needed to find new leads in those markets.

Perma-Brass Inc.

Perma-Brass used MFG to find their ideal customers that allowed them to focus on their core strengths.

Prizm Systems

Relied on a strong buyer-manufacturer relationship and needed a platform to find and nurture those relationships.

Rowley Spring & Stamping

The traditional RFQ process can be time-consuming, Rowley Spring & Stamping was in the market for a more efficient tool.


Had a hard time getting in front of their ideal customer and staying ahead of emerging markets was an uphill battle.

Spargo Machine Products

With the downturn of the economy in '09, Spargo Machine Products needed to expand their customer reach.

Veejay Plastic

Veejay Plastic came to MFG with the goal of growing their sales pipeline and have access to new accounts when needed.

Vern's Machine Company

Needed a new process for locating new leads, the traditional methods are too time consuming.

WEPCO Plastics

Looking for a steady stream of new leads, WEPCO Plastics turned to MFG and the RFQ Marketplace.